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Monthly modelling driven by annual assumptions

Hey Modano team and users,

I have been fiddling recently with creating models where the main time series is monthly, where the client would like to adjust assumptions on an annual basis. So far I've been doing this by making a custom annual assumptions module that feeds into the monthly modules via an xlookup, however this gives freeform formula errors as xlookup inherently references two rows in the annual assumptions module to pull out the given year's assumption.

Convert from Monthly to Monthly, Historical & Forecast

Good afternoon,

I am relatively new to Modano, working through the training and testing the knowledge learned to produce models for my organisation. I have created a Monthly forecast for the business, but now want to incorporate historic data - is there a way to convert from Monthly to Monthly, Historical & Forecast? Or do i need to start again and recreate my monthly forecast using the MHF dynamic template?

Thanks in advance!

Reverse Chronological Order

The way the current modano time series works is left to right (i.e. 2011 - 2016). Is it possible to reverse this so that 2016 would be the left-most year and 2011 would be the right?

Creating (modano content compatible) custom time series flags

When I put custom flags in the time series rows (up the top) they work fine, but then when I put the module into another workbook they are no longer there. Why is this? How can I customize what flags are shown in the time series section at the top of each time series sheet? Is there a simpler way than building my own time series module? And I want to make sure it is still compatible with modano content.

Annual assumptions in monthly model

I have a monthly budgeting model and want to input some assumptions on an annual basis but I get an error message when I try to insert annual modules. How can I add an additional time series to my model? I used to be able to do this in toolbox but I can't seem to work it out with the new software. Thanks in advance, Channing

See Image Below:

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