Installing the Modano Excel Add-In

NOTE: The instructions below are for installation in a Windows environment. For installation on a Mac, see Installing the Modano Excel Add-In on a Mac.

The Modano Excel add-in is not a traditional Excel add-in which can be installed via the Add-Ins Manager dialog box in Microsoft Excel. Instead, it must be installed using one of the Modano Windows MSI installers.

Modano can be installed on either a per user basis using the Standard Installer, or on a per machine basis using the Global Installer. In both cases, the software is licensed on a per user basis, so we recommend installing using the Standard Installer if possible, to avoid complications which often arise when installing on a per machine basis.

Standard Installer

The Standard Installer installs the Modano Excel add-in on a per user basis into the current user's roaming application data folder, which in Windows 10 will be located at:


The Standard Installer does not require administrator rights, which means users will be able to periodically upgrade Modano without requesting administrator privileges, thereby ensuring that they stay updated with new features and performance improvements. For this reason, the Standard Installer is the recommended installer, even in large organizations and even when installing in a virtual machines or Citrix environment.

The steps below explain how to install the Modano Excel add-in using the Standard Installer:

  1. Login as the Windows user needing Modano installed (not the computer administrator unless this is the same user). You should not need administrator rights unless your IT team has prevented your account from being able to install the Modano MSI.
  2. Ensure that Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer is installed.
  3. Ensure you have a Modano account (you will need your login credentials) along with a software subscription. You can Login to your account here to verify.
  4. Download the Modano installer to your local drive (e.g. your Desktop) using the following link:

  5. Ensure that the Modano installer is completely downloaded and then open it via your browser, or alternatively use Windows Explorer to double click the installer file directly.
  6. Follow the installation wizard prompts to install the software.

If the installer does not run properly after download, try moving the installer *.msi file to your desktop folder before running it again.

The installer can be deleted from your local drive following the successful installation, as it can always be downloaded again from the Software section of your Modano account.

Global Installer

If for some reason you are unable to install Modano using the Standard Installer, or your organization requires that software is installed on a per machine basis, you may need to use the Global Installer.

The Global installer is different to the Standard installer in that it will install onto the machine (Program Files) for all users, rather than the current user's profile. Once the global install is complete, the software will be available to all users locally on the machine, or via opt-in selection for those using Terminal Services (please ensure you follow the opt-in setup instructions for the Global installer from the Modano Software Architecture documentation). You can also control the specific installation folder. The Global installer requires administrator privileges because it installs for all users.

For installation, follow the same steps as the Standard Install, however use one of the following installers. If you have access to custom installers, and are logged in, they will be listed below.

Also ensure you download the document below and read the relevant details around setup for the Global installer:

Virtual Machines and Remote Servers

Both Modano installers support installation on virtual machines using VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft Virtual PC. They also support connecting to the session remotely using Citrix or Terminal Services. These configurations are often prevalent in enterprise environments and may be a reason for switching to the Global Installer to allow for machine-based installation and opt-in configuration (see above). The Global installer isn't strictly required as the Standard installer behaves the same way with regards to virtual machines and remote servers.

In these environments licensing for the software is always user-based, so ensure that you have sufficient users within your Modano subscription for all users to access the software.


To uninstall the Modano Excel add-in:

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Excel is closed;
  2. Go to Start and enter 'Add or remove programs';
  3. Select Modano from the list of installed programs and click the Uninstall button.