Managing AutoSave when using Modano modular workbooks

AutoSave is one of the most confusing and frustrating features of Microsoft Excel, primarily because most people don't understand it properly. So I'm writing this post to clarify how it works for future reference.

What is AutoSave?

AutoSave is Microsoft's attempt to replicate the way Google Sheets automatically saves changes in real time, thereby preventing the need to ever Save or Save As.

This is great in theory but not so great when building complex financial models.

Using Modano linked workbook projects with OneDrive or SharePoint

Hi Guys,

We've had an increasing number of users experience issues trying to use multi-linked workbook projects from OneDrive or SharePoint, so we wanted to add this post for future reference.

Recommended Approach

Put simply, you need to work locally when building or using Modano multiple workbook projects, even if the files themselves are stored on OneDrive or SharePoint (or any other cloud storage system for that matter). This is to prevent workbook links breaking or becoming corrupted.

Modano files on SharePoint/Teams

What are the general guidelines around using Modano files on SharePoint/Teams? We are moving our directory to be saved on Teams and synced to Explorer but I've noticed for instance that linked workbooks (Modano linked) cannot be saved on SharePoint. I have also had instances where merging of changes if multiple people are in the file won't sync upon save. If I am the only user of a file I have no issues at all.

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