Add Sensitivity Factors to Dashboards

Another question that came through support recently: How can I add a sensitivity factor to a dashboard, so that the CFO can see how sensitive the analysis is to changes in XYZ.

There are a couple of ways to approach this.

One approach is to build the sensitivity factors into the dashboard, add links out and link into the relevant modules. This is the approach taken in the DCF Valuation example model.

Scenario building

How to create scenarios in the model for (current, base, worst case)

- Assumptions - revenues assumption sales volume, pricing

- expenses - inflation 

CFO Dashboards

Hi Team.

This content is aimed at reporting for CFOs, key stakeholders and decision-makers. 

The aim of a CFO Dashboard is to provide a clear single location where senior stakeholders can pull critical business levers (assumptions) and instantly assess the impact (presentation outputs). Within a larger, more expansive planning model, senior staff are unlikely to have the time / desire to scroll through tabs looking for assumptions and then their impacts. A CFO Dashboard is the perfect solution.

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