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Filtering and Name ranges in Modular worksheets

HI all,

Great to see the Modano Forum up and running. This will be game changer in creating a community. I just wish we had this earlier!

Does anyone know if there is a way to add a filter to a modular work sheet?

Is there a way to manually add a name range across multiple categories. I am looking to create an array block to apply a index match for the output pages.



Standardized Naming Conventions

Does anyone know if I can I create my own standardized naming conventions so that the auto prefix tool uses my naming convention and not the standard Modano convention? What about for the tab names?

autonaming of lookups when using multiple modules


I am new to this forum and hoping someone could help me and explain how to do something with the software. 

Basically. When I insert multiple asset modules into my model and customize them, say for assets at cost, fair value and capitalized bank fees, the autoprefix on my lookup tables are always LU_Asset_1, LU_Asset_2 etc.

I want to make this more logical and relevant to the module so rather than 1,2,3... they say Cost, FV, Fees etc. For example. LU_Asset_Cost, LU_Asset_Fees etc. 

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