Multiple Workbooks

Using Modano linked workbook projects with OneDrive or SharePoint

Hi Guys,

We've had an increasing number of users experience issues trying to use multi-linked workbook projects from OneDrive or SharePoint, so we wanted to add this post for future reference.

Recommended Approach

Put simply, you need to work locally when building or using Modano multiple workbook projects, even if the files themselves are stored on OneDrive or SharePoint (or any other cloud storage system for that matter). This is to prevent workbook links breaking or becoming corrupted.

Back-up options when using linked workbooks

What is the recommended save procedure when working with Linked workbooks?

To ensure I have sufficient backup of my model (and for reconciliation purposes) I always save down my model with a new version number but from what I can tell if I introduce linked workbooks all linked workbooks to be open at the same time which will significantly increase save time.

Just curious what you guys are doing with regards to saving back-ups in general but more specifically when using linked workbooks?


Multiple Workbooks & Export Modules

Currently I'm learning to consolidate using the multiple workbooks feature, and if I'm not mistaken the available export modules are operational exports, working capital exports and asset exports. Does it mean that I have to build the rest of the export modules (debt, other balance sheet items, etc) from scratch in order to make perfectly consolidated workbooks?

Thank you.

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