Recall Modano default page page/window settings

Hello All,

While presenting the Modano Excel i had clicked another window instance of the same Modano file.

While in general the new excel window of the same excel file do not reflect the window settings such as "freezed panes, gridlines" which i assumed would not be a problem in the already defined Modano template. I eventually lost the default Modano formats/and page settings after closing the file and reopening it.

I now have to redo all the freeze paning and disable gridlines in all the sheets one by one.

Workbook Gridlines / Freeze Panes

We've recently had a number of people asking why their gridlines / freeze panes have been disappearing from their Modano models, so thought it worth addressing in the forum.

Important to note that this is all normal Excel behaviour and nothing related specifically to Modano - the effect is just more noticeable with our models, as we remove gridlines and apply freeze panes on a best practice basis.

Root Cause

The cause of the issue is opening multiple windows for the same workbook, via VIEW / NEW WINDOW:

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