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Category to Module, Linked in Category got removed


I have been using the category to module feature with mirror new module setting in my model. It works perfectly fine until I removed some category and all category block that has a link into the mirrored modules. The mirrored module got deleted but the link in the category block now only has 1 category left.

There are two case when the above happens:

Adding Opex to Multi-Business Unit

A questions came up on a support call the other day, asking how to insert a head office opex module into the Multi-Business Unit content.

As background to the issue: when inserting an opex module into a multi-BU model, the additional opex categories are added to the historial income statement, which also triggers the modules-as-categories mechanism, and adds three new business units.

The key to circumventing this is that you need to first insert spare categories into the historical income statement - via Insert rather than Insert Categories.

Multi-business unit model


I'm currently developing a modular model for an organisation which has multiple business units (5) who each sell the same 4x product lines. I am building the model to be expandable as the organisation will likely open another 2x business units in the next year (with the same product lines) and more the following year

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