Modules not available as historical & forecast time series modules

Hi guys,

is there a technical or rights issue reason why some modules are not available in the historical & forecast library?


- the 'Revenue (Amounts, Growth rates)' module can be added in 'Annual' models, but not in 'Annual, historical & forecast' models.

- the 'Revenue (Variable, Amounts)' is only available in the 'Project Appraisal' library. I really like the Data Entry part and would like to use it in other models, too.

Is there a way to import those modules in every model?



Multiple modules or single module?

To all Modano users,

I have a broad and philosophical question for you all.

What general principles do you apply when deciding whether to develop within a single module or split out into multiple, separate modules. I realise that specific cases will dictate the answer to that, but I am after a more general thought process. As an example, what would you do if you had multiple revenue streams, each with their own set of unique drivers?

Simple Tax Calculation

I am trying to do a simple tax calculation and find the comprehensive tax module quite complex, is there a simpler way to add tax into my model?

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