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How to link Subtotal headings between modules?

Can some kind soul explain to me how I can link subtotal headings between modules?  I've been trying, without success, for months now.

In one module, I have a category group which contains all labels for districts of a country (which are entered  as assumptions.). There are 72 districts.  These districts are grouped under subheadings of their  three regions.  I replace the autogenerated names (e.g. subtotal 3 name, subtotal 2 name.) with the names of the regions.

Multiple Modules With Same Link


Is it possible to have two modules with the same output link block number? (so that the two outputs are then aggregated on the Link In side?)

Most historical/forecast modules we build require the actual historical income statement and a set of normalisation adjustments to those historical number such that the summary/output income statement for the historical data is a combination of the two (i.e. a normalised view). We would like to show the two numbers separately so that readers can follow through the logic.

Links on Project Manager

Dear Modano Team,

Previously when I double click on any link on project manager as shown below, it will take me to the corresponding row on the model that uses the link. I always use the updated version of modano, but now when I do this step nothing happens. Is this has something to do with the latest version? Need your kind advise on this issue.



New Link type

Hi Modano

I've created a new Link called "Net VAT", which I have been able to successfully Link Out from the line item in my tax assumptions tab, however when I try to link it into my Financial Statements sheet I am only able to Link In the col J of the time series of data.

Please what I am doing wrong.

Other Revenue/Expenses outputs

Can anyone explain how to make the outputs from the ‘other revenue and expenses’ module link in to a different section of the income statement?

Toggle to show active links

I would like to know an easy way to see what link-ins / link-outs are ACTIVATED in a cell block at a given time, when I select a cell within the given cell block. 

When I use the show precedent links tool (Cntrl + Shift + K), active links are not shown. It is only when I select unlink that any active link is deactivated and shown in the window.

The issue with this is that I have to already know there is a link-in to that location, or simply go to every location and select unlink to see what happens. 

Automatically linking and style change when insert linked module

When I insert a tax module without an income statement module, the NPBT row in the assumptions sheet is styled as an assumption. Then when I insert an income statement module it changes to an output style and links in the NPBT line from the income statement. How do I apply this same functionality to a custom module that I am building? I can’t find this covered in the training materials

Can anyone help?

Custom module doesn't link to statements

I built a custom revenue module and when I insert it into a different model it doesn’t link in to the financial statements. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? And how to fix it? Cheers, CT

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