Modano X

Updating a pre-Modano X workbook to Modano X


I have updated to Modano X and I'm trying to figure out how to convert my existing model templates to the new format.

When opening an existing model it is upgraded to Modano X, but it retains its old formatting/theme. I tried updating the active workbook theme to the new styles but nothing changes.

It seems to me that when I export a module the new theme is applied. Therefore, I could export each module and then recombine to create the same model in the new format. Is there another, faster way?

Time Series error when inserting new module (after update to Modano X ??)

Today I update to Modano X.

When I try to Insert a new module , a time-series error occurred ( see attached files).

Have I done something wrong, or am I doing something that is not possible?

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