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Assigning Expenses to Individual Equity Accounts

Hi All,

I am currently trying to set up a model that would allow revenue and expenses to be split out between a number of equity accounts. 

I was wondering if it is possible to show these accounts within the profit and loss by line item while still the individual line items rather than using the other balance sheet tab where the revenue and expenses are assigned to the 'other' categories which are then grouped within the summaries.



Export financials in database format table


I have only just started using Modano and already see massive benefits. I was able to build a 3-way model in hours (that is with me fumbling around) as oppose to weeks or even longer. Even using a standard such as FAST modelling there is really no comparison to this, so thank you Modano team.

My question is how would you create a module that would simply create the financials across P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet into a database friendly table.

E.g. the Fields may look:

Date | Account | Amount

Other Revenue/Expenses outputs

Can anyone explain how to make the outputs from the ‘other revenue and expenses’ module link in to a different section of the income statement?

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