Excel Performance

File size and graphics glitches


I have built a custom workbook for a client and the file size for .xlsb is about 14mb after being released from Modano. I have run a number of add-ins over the workbook to see what is causing the file size to be so big. Removing conditional formatting and applying other optimisations doesn't help much. Also, the sum of individual exported modules always seems to be smaller than a model combining them all (the whole is larger than the sum of the parts).

Performance implications of adding a large number of categories


I am trying to add categories to a simple Volume Unit Price Unit Cost Module,

I built the model template to allows for 50 categories.

The template worked fine until I started trying to add 50 categories at a time (I need to add a total of 2000 rows).

It appears that Modano is battling to add the 50 categories and eventually gets there, but it takes about an hour to add 50 categories.

The number of years is 2.

5 ways to optimize the performance of Excel 2016

Modano Moderator Note: Strikethrough font has been used to indicate parts of this post which are no longer applicable as a result of improvements to performance and stability of Excel since this post was created.

Many of Modano’s clients are making the leap from Excel 2010 to Excel 2016 (I’m going to pretend Excel 2013 never happened, so if you're using Excel 2013 please do yourself a favour and upgrade to Excel 2016 immediately), and noticing that many things feel slower and appear to lag in Excel 2016.

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