error checks

Error checks number of decimals

Can anyone help me avoid having an error check flag a discrepancy of 0.00000001 between two dollar amounts?  My error formula is checking whether the sum in one area of the model (by activity) matches the sum in another area of the model (by categories).  So far, the only solution I can think of is changing the IF statement to IF(x<.01,0,1), where x is the difference between the minuend and subtrahends.

Error & Alert Checks inside category layout sections (within category rows)

Hi all,

Has anyone got a good way of creating an error or alert check flag within a categories layout section?

It doesnt allow you to create the check within a category row and the following error message appears?

I suspect that this check should be aggregated outside the layout section and then an error check added to this entire block.

Just wanted to see if there are any better ideas out there?


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