Modules not available as historical & forecast time series modules

Hi guys,

is there a technical or rights issue reason why some modules are not available in the historical & forecast library?


- the 'Revenue (Amounts, Growth rates)' module can be added in 'Annual' models, but not in 'Annual, historical & forecast' models.

- the 'Revenue (Variable, Amounts)' is only available in the 'Project Appraisal' library. I really like the Data Entry part and would like to use it in other models, too.

Is there a way to import those modules in every model?



Inputs vs. Outputs Component

Hi guys! Wonder if anyone else has come across this.

I'm currently developing a module to drop into a modular workbook and something came to mind - my assumptions component, which will provide links to other assumptions components contains way too many calculations. To my question...

How do you all compartmentalise where a calculation should take place ie. should it be contained within an outputs sheet, or self contained within the assumptions sheet? I draw the example of the Debt Module?



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