Intercompany Dividend Eliminations

Attached is a workbook that steps through the eliminations required for removing intercompany dividends between a parent and subsidiary entity.

No details explanation in the body of this post - the model is comprehensively annotated, so best to hit BUILD / AUDITING / LOCATE WIP RANGES and read through the detailed notes.

Recommend reading through Entity 2 (subsidiary), Entity 1 (parent co.) and then the Consolidated Financial Statements as the best flow. Cheers. J.

Multiple Workbooks & Export Modules

Currently I'm learning to consolidate using the multiple workbooks feature, and if I'm not mistaken the available export modules are operational exports, working capital exports and asset exports. Does it mean that I have to build the rest of the export modules (debt, other balance sheet items, etc) from scratch in order to make perfectly consolidated workbooks?

Thank you.

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