CFO Dashboards

Hi Team.

This content is aimed at reporting for CFOs, key stakeholders and decision-makers. 

The aim of a CFO Dashboard is to provide a clear single location where senior stakeholders can pull critical business levers (assumptions) and instantly assess the impact (presentation outputs). Within a larger, more expansive planning model, senior staff are unlikely to have the time / desire to scroll through tabs looking for assumptions and then their impacts. A CFO Dashboard is the perfect solution.

Panel Board

Thought I'd drop this in to the forum for people to have a play with. Particularly useful for people who are building models for clients.

This is a Panel Board. It's a landscape / A3 / M-HF / print-ready dashboad that can be customised really quickly.

There are two main areas to it. The dashboard piece looks like this at first:

The second components has two parts to it.

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