Category Blocks

Roll up of enitre category block to another category


I am attempting to roll up a category block total to a single category in another category block. The example I have placed is simple revenue amounts by client. What I have done works but I feel is not best use of Modano and doesn't let the validation do it's job properly as people can still type over the formula in the main category block. If I change it to assumption style output then I lose the ability to make the 3 categories look at independent lines.

Merging and un-merging category block

Hi all,

Recently I experienced the need to unmerge the text within the category block (often in columns C) as I needed to add an additional helper column for sumif or other formulas. However, when I did this I was unable to free up that column which was previously merged.

Has anyone found the same issue or a way around it?

My solution is merely delete the entire category block and re-create and merge whats needed. This doesnt break the timeseries data (column J onwards), but wondering if the unmerging is a challenge for others?



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