Adding Multiple Categories Groups

Hi all,

Been a while, a lot of awesome updates coming through in the latest versions.

One seemingly small thing, but so amazingly helpful...

That was all...


Adding/Removing Business Units Categories & to link them through out the model

Good Day 

Kindly assist with my current dilemma. 

In the Multi Business unit model dynamic template. 

I'm struggling to add a new category to the Business unit categories, as the company i'm modeling needs more than just revenue and & cost of goods sold Categories.

My question is, is there an easier way to add more categories into the model via the Business Units categories Tab  and to link the category through out the model.

Rename categories


When I want to rename category's name, all of the category is changed too. How can I change only one category name?

Managing Fixed Assets import from Xero


I am importing my first set of Xero accounts from a client into my model and finding that Xero is a little untidy in the presentation of Fixed Assets: Computer Equipment, Computer Equipment Additions, Computer Equipment Laptops for example. Has anyone hit this problem before? i.e. potentially 4 or 5 import lines, to feed 1 Category. I don't want to ask client to re-arrange their Xero setup, but then again I don't want to end up with 20 Categories in my Fixed Assets block....

Am I missing something?



Subcategory in expense


I try customise the operating expenditure modular, but need more detail under each categories, how to add subcategory under each category? Thanks.


Performance implications of adding a large number of categories


I am trying to add categories to a simple Volume Unit Price Unit Cost Module,

I built the model template to allows for 50 categories.

The template worked fine until I started trying to add 50 categories at a time (I need to add a total of 2000 rows).

It appears that Modano is battling to add the 50 categories and eventually gets there, but it takes about an hour to add 50 categories.

The number of years is 2.

Category block total on top - want to move to bottom

Hello Fellow Modanoers!

Hope you can help me with what should be a simple fix, but isn't for me. 

I have one category group which totals to the top instead of the bottom, like I would prefer. (All other category groups total to the bottom.)

Is there a place where I can change the setting for this particular category group so that it totals to the bottom? 

Thanks in advance.  As you may imagine, I've tried for hours and hours by myself to figure this out, without success.



Split a category so two lines roll up to one

I am looking to split a category into two or more parts. Perhaps I am asking too narrow question, let me present the problem:

I have a category "subscription fees" which maps directly to a general ledger account. For budgeting purposes, I want to be able to budget a few of the main subscription items on seperate rows but have them roll up to the single general ledger account which will carry historical and forecast numbers in the income statement.

How are people getting around this problem?



Merging and un-merging category block

Hi all,

Recently I experienced the need to unmerge the text within the category block (often in columns C) as I needed to add an additional helper column for sumif or other formulas. However, when I did this I was unable to free up that column which was previously merged.

Has anyone found the same issue or a way around it?

My solution is merely delete the entire category block and re-create and merge whats needed. This doesnt break the timeseries data (column J onwards), but wondering if the unmerging is a challenge for others?



Categories within Categories


I wanted to see if there was a way or a workaround to have categories within category sections. What I'm trying to do is have different products which I can add or remove later, and each of the products can have several ingredients to define its cost, and those ingredients I would like to be able to add or remove them or analyse them as categories. All products would have the same set of ingredients but different amounts for them.



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