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Cash Flow Budgeting

Hi All,

We’re getting more frequent requests to build budget variance analysis for Cash Flow as well as Balance Sheet areas – as a supplement to the standard Budget Income Statement modules already contained in the monthly historical forecast libraries.

This isn’t an issue for the Budget Balance Sheet, that’s more a decision on suitability, but there are some structural issues for a Cash Flow Statement that undermine the ease of creating budget analysis.

Export financials in database format table


I have only just started using Modano and already see massive benefits. I was able to build a 3-way model in hours (that is with me fumbling around) as oppose to weeks or even longer. Even using a standard such as FAST modelling there is really no comparison to this, so thank you Modano team.

My question is how would you create a module that would simply create the financials across P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet into a database friendly table.

E.g. the Fields may look:

Date | Account | Amount

Annual Forecast Model


Referring to video 3 on financial statements, is there a particular reason why we need to seperate the impact on cash flows for other revenues and other expenses?

In the model, "other income" is listed under cash receipts while the others are listed under "Operation Cash Flows" - however, this allocation should not affect the Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities.


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