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Importing Balance Sheet from Xero


When importing a Balance Sheet from Xero, I have specified the last import period end date to be say, 19 March. The mapping page also confirms the period ending date to be 19 March.When it imports, it is importing the balance sheet as at today ie 28 March. I am using a weekly time series.

Xero reports used to only be able to pick up the balance sheet dated end of month but new balance sheet report templates enable mid month dates to produce a balance sheet on any date retrospectively.

Export financials in database format table


I have only just started using Modano and already see massive benefits. I was able to build a 3-way model in hours (that is with me fumbling around) as oppose to weeks or even longer. Even using a standard such as FAST modelling there is really no comparison to this, so thank you Modano team.

My question is how would you create a module that would simply create the financials across P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet into a database friendly table.

E.g. the Fields may look:

Date | Account | Amount

Balancing Your Balance Sheets

Anyone who has ever juggled an integrated financial model in Excel will have asked this question at some point in their life.

Some of us ask it more often than others (!) but for everyone concerned it's undoubtedly a headache. The following file provides a few handy hints on how to identify the two main causes of a Balance Sheet not to balancing. Importantly, the file also outlines the key techniques that you can use to locate where the errors are. No more 2am finishes trying to balance your Balance Sheet...

There are two simple approaches:

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