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Convert from Monthly to Monthly, Historical & Forecast by Scott Robson 1 Normal topic
Good afternoon, I am relatively new to Modano, working through the training and testing the knowledge learned to...
1 4y
Managing Fixed Assets import from Xero by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
Hi, I am importing my first set of Xero accounts from a client into my model and finding that Xero is a little untidy...
2 4y
Payroll Tax and Salaries & Wages by Anthony Stevens Normal topic
Are these modules?  The online Resources suggest they are but I cant find them?  What to do?  I am running latest...
3 4y
Opening balance sheet categories not needed by Lyndall Marwick Normal topic
Hi, I have a very simple model that does not require all of the balance sheet categories that come with Generic Model...
1 4y
Overview sheet vs Cover and Contents sheets by Jessica Saigar 3 Normal topic
Hi I have recently moved my licence to a new laptop, and am putting the default settings to how I like (i.e. logo,...
1 4y
XML Metadata Write Error by Alexander Artajaya 1 Normal topic
Hi,  I encounter a problem with Modano when trying to save. Please refer to the screenshoot of the error message box...
1 4y
Collaboration and Sharing by Josh B Normal topic
How do you deal with collaboration and sharing? For enterprise clients that need multiple people changing assumptions...
4 4y
Training Exam information by mahendrakumar 1 Normal topic
Hi, I would like to know how much time system take to activate - retake exam option. Also to earn certificate how...
1 4y
Password Protected Sheet by Alexander Artajaya 1 Normal topic
Hi, I have been working on a workbook that contains Macro for hiding columns with Modano active.  I understand that...
1 4y
Default Column Width by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Is there a way of specifying the default column width of sheets? I like to use all columns on assumptions sheets ...
2 4y
Panel Board by James Longden Normal topic
Thought I'd drop this in to the forum for people to have a play with. Particularly useful for people who are building...
5 5y
Subcategory in expense by LG Normal topic
Hi  I try customise the operating expenditure modular, but need more detail under each categories, how to add...
3 5y
Release .24 by Jun Yan Normal topic
Might I just say, Yes! "Amended Excel row insert code to insert into the bottom of the above component if inserting...
1 5y
Content sharing - Variance Analysis Dashboard by Jun Yan Normal topic
Hello community! Happy new year. Hope everyone's gotten back into the swing of modelling for FY19, we certainly have...
0 5y
Extracting data from multiple financial models using Modano by Jeffrey Lawrence Normal topic
Hi Modano Community, We have a group of modular financial models that we've built using Modano and, while the core of...
1 5y
Creating "Assessment Dashboard" in Financial Model by Bruce Normal topic
Hi All, What would be the quickest way for me to create a module similar to the "Assessment Dashboard" under "Project...
1 5y
Extra Creditors Category 1 in Allocation Drop down box in Creditors... by James Alexander... Normal topic
Hi, I have been working on one of the practical exercises in the training section of the website (Modano_Generic...
2 5y
Error saving model by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi, I was working and saving a Modano file with no issues yesterday. Today when I first tried to save it I receive the...
4 5y
File size and graphics glitches by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi, I have built a custom workbook for a client and the file size for .xlsb is about 14mb after being released from...
4 5y
Updating a pre-Modano X workbook to Modano X by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi, I have updated to Modano X and I'm trying to figure out how to convert my existing model templates to the new...
6 5y
Modano X styles and formatting by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi, I like assumption worksheets to have a grey background with white assumption cells (pre-Modano X style). I have...
4 5y
Error message when downloading Modano X by moh0001 Normal topic
When trying to download Modano X, the system gave me the attached error message "prior version detected".
1 5y
Modano improvements deserving of some attention by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Since I first started using Modano (then BPM Modules) almost 4 years ago (and my first comment was "there is no Undo -...
6 5y
Column width part of theme? by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Is it possible to set the column width as part custom themes? Given the new layout of the Base Sheets (which I love btw...
2 5y
Non-modano license user updating time series by Cameron London Normal topic
Hi there, We have made a Modano model for a client who does not wish to get the modano license.  Is it possible for...
1 5y



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