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Other Revenue/Expenses outputs by Geraldine Whittaker Normal topic
Can anyone explain how to make the outputs from the ‘other revenue and expenses’ module link in to a different section...
3 2y
Feasibility and sell by Natalia Grigalus Normal topic
Hi Everyone!. If I want to do a model with the property feasibility portion but I am not gonna hold for rent but sell...
3 3y
Error in Scenario Data Tables by Iman Lazuardi Normal topic
Hi Modano team, I'm trying to understand the scenario manager module from the available example model, but it shows...
2 3y
Multi-Business Unit - size limitations by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
Looking for some advice from others who have developed using the Multi-Business Unit Model. I have created a simple 5yr...
3 3y
Supplier Due Diligence by Nick Ogle Normal topic
Morning, I am working on a Public Sector Procurement. Various suppliers are being considered. ITTs (invitations to...
1 3y
R&D Tax Incentive by Cheyne Buckley Normal topic
Hi Has anyone added in calculations for the Australian R&D Tax Incentive into the corporate tax module? Would be...
4 3y
How to automatically align the time series of independent modular wo... by Michael Hutchens Normal topic
Hi Guys, We've had some of our more advanced users ask if there's any way to automatically align the time series...
1 3y
Import Assumptions into single Category Block without overwriting un... by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
I'm hitting an issue with an Import from xls -> Modano model, where I have a single category block that I don't want...
2 3y
Break up large model into multiple linked workbooks by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Does anyone have any experience in breaking up large workbooks into smaller, linked workbooks (i.e. creating a Project...
4 3y
Funds Management - Geared Module by Matthew Tominc Normal topic
Hi, do you have a module to add to the funds management template to allow gearing? Or a template with gearing already...
1 3y
Easy conversion from weekly to monthly or annual financial statement... by Alexander Bikeyev Normal topic
Hello, is there an easy way to convert from weekly to monthly or annual financial statements? Maybe someone can send...
1 3y
Added Transfer Module Assumptions tool. by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Hi Modano team In the change log for version I notice one of the updates is the addition of Transfer Module...
4 3y
M&A/LBO by Michael Raymond 2 Normal topic
Was curious if you had any intentions on adding these in?  Looking back at some old posts, it seems there was...
1 3y
Project Management Tool by James Longden Normal topic
Thought it was worth putting this in the forum. This is a Modano X workbook with four project management modules in it...
4 3y
Padlock on all protected sheets? by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Not Modano specific but given that a Modano workbook is by definition protected, this new "padlock" symbol included in...
6 3y
Modules not available as historical & forecast time series modul... by Franz Kiel Normal topic
Hi guys, is there a technical or rights issue reason why some modules are not available in the historical &...
2 3y
Different No of Column Hidden Using Modano API by Alexander Artajaya 1 Normal topic
Hi,  I have been using the Modano API to automate the production of PDF report from a Modano active model.  Everything...
3 3y
Two time series on project finance model by Hanz Hargianto 1 Normal topic
Hi guys, Is there any of you ever build a project finance model that uses two-time series: 1. Monthly - construction 2...
2 3y
Short Term Cash Forecast ONLY by Nick Ogle Normal topic
The Weekly Historic & Forecast Modules are an extremely valuable addition to the module library. What if a client...
3 3y
Model Review Features for Non-Modano Models by lazuardi128 Normal topic
Hi All, Can we use modano auditing tools like module content report/search & repair to review non-modano models?...
2 3y
Conversion factor for outputs by Franz Kiel Normal topic
Hi guys, I've just started using Modano and have the following question. My historical input data is in $, but I want...
3 3y
Cash Payment delay days by Angus Harman Normal topic
There are some costs that are paid at different times throughout the year eg: Audit (Decemeber and June) – I want to...
2 3y
Adding/Removing Business Units Categories & to link them through... by Stuart Smith Normal topic
Good Day  Kindly assist with my current dilemma.  In the Multi Business unit model dynamic template.  I'm struggling...
3 3y
Finance costs e.g. overdraft line fee - allocate into interest expen... by James Bailey Normal topic
Hi all We have some finance costs such as overdraft line fees which should not be in our operating overheads, should...
2 3y
Memory increase in 32 bit Excel by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
For anyone who wasn't aware, my IT guys just told me that in December 2019 the maximum accessible memory for 32 bit...
7 3y



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