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Simple Tax Calculation by Manjeet Sharma Normal topic
I am trying to do a simple tax calculation and find the comprehensive tax module quite complex, is there a simpler way...
2 1y
Integrated BI and Modano Model by Purwadi Nitimid... Normal topic
I am thinking of experimenting on building a model that leverages the use of Power Pivot, Power View and Modano by...
7 1y
Multi Workbook Consolidated Model, with Business Units Model as one... by matt.tapps Normal topic
Hey all, I've only recently gotten into Modano, not all the way through the training yet but I'm incredibly impressed...
0 1y
Xero import using Tracking feature? by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
Hi, Has anybody managed to capture the Tracking feature within Xero to integrate with Modano's mapping facility? I'm...
12 1y
Modano 11 by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Hi everyone, In case you haven't already (and I know I'm a week late here, the "Check for Updates Frequency" alert...
5 1y
Gift Cards Modelling by Jonathan Kress Normal topic
Hi all,  I'm trying to produce a financial model showing the impact of gift card sales which is a significant line...
1 1y
Setting the Last Historical Month to June in a 12 month budget model... by Blake Gavin Miller Normal topic
Hi team I've got a 12 month model and want to set, in the Time tab >  "Historical & Forecast Time Frames >...
1 1y
Interest Paid in a Monthly model - how to setup quarterly interest p... by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
I'm just double-checking that I have not missed this from the available Debt Modules: it appears to me that Interest...
5 1y
Reports - getting the BV view by Blake Gavin Miller Normal topic
Hello    When I add the Budget Income Statement Reports to an existing COA6 Budget and Planning Template - I don't...
7 1y
Scenarios Dropdown not clickable on Mac by Mohammad Algammal 1 Normal topic
Dear all, Has any of you faced this problem? When I sent the model I built to a Mac OS user, they could not click on...
0 1y
Reports - getting the BV view by Blake Gavin Miller Normal topic
Hello    When I add the Budget Income Statement Reports to an existing COA6 Budget and Planning Template - I don't...
0 1y
Is it possible to summarize a Monthly Model to show Annual figures?... by Vipul S Amin Normal topic
Hi there, I am currently working on a SaaS Financial Model using the Dynamic SaaS Scenario Analysis Model (Monthly,...
2 1y
Days vs Terms Modeling by James Longden Normal topic
You might see reference to "days" versus "terms" in reference to working capital.  The following example illustrates...
4 1y
Dynamic Module Name Based on Categories by Khang Normal topic
Hi Everyone, I noticed in the Template Consolidated models, the individual module names are dynamically linked to the...
2 2y
Workbook Gridlines / Freeze Panes by James Longden Normal topic
We've recently had a number of people asking why their gridlines / freeze panes have been disappearing from their...
0 2y
Running multiple budget versions by Blake Gavin Miller Normal topic
Hello Modano community    Was pondering if it would be possible to simply insert a second Budget Income Statement and...
3 2y
Maintaining Subtotals when linking in category blocks by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Is there a way/workaround of maintaining the subtotals from the original category block when linking it in to a new...
2 2y
Data Table in a Module by Hanz Hargianto 1 Normal topic
Is it possible to use a data table in a module? I would like to use a data table in Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis...
6 2y
Extraordinary Expense by Kamilla_Baratov Normal topic
Hi, we need to add some extra lines between EBITDA and EBIT for our extraordinary expenses in historic income statement...
1 2y
Assigning Expenses to Individual Equity Accounts by Harry Speirs Normal topic
Hi All, I am currently trying to set up a model that would allow revenue and expenses to be split out between a number...
1 2y
Inventory / Cashflow by Tim McKendry Normal topic
Hi all - Is there a module (or an example model) where you enter infrequent large purchases of stock but the sales are...
4 2y
Extend or Shorten Time Series - Unintended cell block extended... by Khang Normal topic
Hi Everyone, I am working a model that needs extra empty columns within a component that has time series period titles...
2 2y
Statement of Changes in Equity by Hanz Hargianto 1 Normal topic
Hi guys, Are there some of you getting a request from clients to build a "Statement of Changes in Equity". In...
1 2y
Scenario analysis - Data table error by Hoang Nguyen Normal topic
Hi team, I created 10 scenarios on my model using scenario manager and scenario modules, and found the errors below...
3 2y
Start-Up Dynamic Template by James Longden Normal topic
This dynamic template is focussed on modelling a Start-Up business through a sequence of equity raisings. Different...
10 2y



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