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Copy-paste special macro by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Is there a workaround to get a copy + paste macro to work within a Modano workbook. The following simple macro pastes...
2 6y
Ratios Dashboard - extend time series by Nick Ogle Normal topic
The Ratios Dashboard is set to display 12 Periods only. The worksheet is named "Ratios_P_MS". How does one extend this...
5 6y
Inclusion of issues tracking tools. by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
What does the "Inclusion of issues tracking tools" noted in the change log for 8.4.5 do? 
2 6y
Video Tutorial : Creation of Presentation Income Statement with mapp... by Nick Ogle Normal topic
Hello Mike / Tim Would it be possible to create a video tutorial on creating a presentation Income Statement that...
2 6y
How to delete error created on freeform sheet by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Does anyone know how to delete a check initially created on a freeform sheet? Using the delete check dialog box does...
2 6y
Indirect Cashflow by Arsalan Naseem Normal topic
In there any module for Indirect Cashflow?
2 6y
Merging Lookup tables by Sergej Pankratz Normal topic
Hi everyone, I noted that my modular workbook contains a number of hidden different lookup sheets (all ending with '...
2 6y
Advantages of .xlsb Excel Binary Workbook Format by Michael Hutchens Normal topic
A Modano user just asked me my thoughts on using the XLSB file format vs. the XLSM file format, after they read the...
0 6y
Customisation of Modano by Vitaliy Pikhtin Normal topic
Hi All,  I have reviewed all notes and tested different templates available in the Modano library, however I cannot...
1 6y
Annual Forecast Model by Sean Wong Normal topic
Hi, Referring to video 3 on financial statements, is there a particular reason why we need to seperate the impact on...
1 6y
How to copy and paste multiple values quickly by Iman Lazuardi Normal topic
Dear Modano Team, How to paste multiple values at once in modano? If I use paste special command, I get this message...
2 6y
Merging and un-merging category block by Model Citizn Normal topic
Hi all, Recently I experienced the need to unmerge the text within the category block (often in columns C) as I needed...
1 6y
Document Management Systems...HELP ! by Model Citizn Normal topic
Hi there, I have recently discovered that on one of my clients, which use an embedded document management system in...
2 6y
Multiple Modules With Same Link by Cheyne Buckley Normal topic
Hi Is it possible to have two modules with the same output link block number? (so that the two outputs are then...
2 6y
Links on Project Manager by Iman Lazuardi Normal topic
Dear Modano Team, Previously when I double click on any link on project manager as shown below, it will take me to the...
2 7y
Move Assumptions tool by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi all, I see a recent software update included "addition of Move Assumptions tool". What does this tool do and is it...
2 7y
Subsidiaries and Consolidation Financial Model by PriyeshDhana Normal topic
Hi there We are wanting to build a financial model in modano that has: inputs for 3 'subsidiary' companies, each of...
4 7y
Update module across all chosen files/templates tool by James Wallace Normal topic
Do you have a tool available that would enable the automatic update of a selected module across a range of selected...
1 7y
Time-Series Based Categories Group by James Wallace Normal topic
Is it possible to increase the available increment range of a Time Series-Based Categories Group wider than +/-12?...
1 7y
Advice for aspiring financial modeller by EJ Homer Normal topic
I recently begun using Modano software for various purposes in my own business and have begun to develop a real...
1 7y
Disposal of fixed assets by Charles Widdicombe Normal topic
Hi all What is the best way of incorporating the disposal of fixed assets into a Modano model?  I have included the...
3 7y
New Link type by Simon Selkrig Normal topic
Hi Modano I've created a new Link called "Net VAT", which I have been able to successfully Link Out from the line item...
3 7y
Visual identification of link-ins and link-outs by Tony Chau Normal topic
Quick query about link-ins and link-outs. Is there a feature, similar to cell block shading, that would allow me to...
2 7y
Import assumptions tool - default header and data column? by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
How do I set up my source workbook so that the import assumptions tool automatically picks up the correct header column...
1 7y
Change "Mixed" Formatting by Sergej Pankratz Normal topic
Hi, I want to change the formatting of "Mixed" cells (containing formulas and hardcoded strings or values) from green...
4 7y



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