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Flow On Trigger Cells by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Hi, Is there any documentation avaliable (Google can't find any:-)) on how to use the Flow on Trigger Cells? Cheers T
1 6m
Learning Videos by Shaneel Kumar Normal topic
Hi Guys I cant seem to find the learning tutorial videos anymore, has it been taken down   cheers  
3 6m
Running Modano files with Oracle Crystal Ball [ex. Monte-Carlo simul... by Filipe Aguiar P... Normal topic
Hi Community Forum, Can anyone share their experience of running a Modano file with a spreadsheet-based application...
0 7m
Customer acquisition costs by Cornell Tsiang 1 Normal topic
Hi  I separated my sales & marketing team salaries from the rest of the sales and marketing costs. This is useful...
5 7m
Xero import with Tracking Categories by Kevin Ballinger Normal topic
Appreciate not entirely a Modano question, but maybe something that others here have faced: how to import from Xero...
3 7m
Custom UI Runtime Error in Modano by Michael Hutchens Normal topic
Hi Guys, Some of our users have reported seeing a Custom UI Runtime Error in Modano dialog when opening Excel, such as...
0 7m
Automatic multiple linking-in for mirrored modules by Hoang Nguyen Normal topic
Hi team, I created 59 mirrored modules from an existing business unit module in my model. However, when I create a new...
2 8m
Breaking cell block relationships to add narration by laura.mullan Normal topic
This might be a cardinal sin, but I'm trying to break the cell block relationships so that I can add line by line...
2 8m
Join team request link by Tarjei Kirkesaether Normal topic
Hi everyone, Is there a link I can share with my organisation where they can request to become member of the company "...
3 8m
How would you go about making a multilingual model? Here's my s... by Winthrop Morgan Normal topic
Would you set up a separate translation module and link it to other models, or would you embed the translation into...
6 8m
MIsaligned Drop downs - is there a simple fix? by blakem Normal topic
Hi all as the picture shows below - my drop downs throughout my model are misaligned.  This caused no end of grief. ...
1 8m
Mirror Module components? by Tarjei Kirkesaether Hot topic
Hi Modano dev team Is it technically possible to mirror individual module components? I know it's not a feature in the...
20 9m
Xero Import & Cash Flow Statement by Hengjia Chen Normal topic
This is specific for Xero because I haven't had a chance to encounter the situation in main ERP yet. In Xero a...
1 9m
Intercompany Dividend Eliminations by James Longden Normal topic
Attached is a workbook that steps through the eliminations required for removing intercompany dividends between a...
2 9m
PowerQuery Integration by Jun Yan Normal topic
Hi all! Wanted to see whether anyone has toyed around with combining Power Query into a modular workbook. We've...
7 9m
Wealth and Asset Performance Reports using Consolidated Financials (... by Sajid Mafahir Normal topic
Hello Forum Members, I have an assignment to produce a consolidated private wealth/asset performance report (...
1 9m
Units of measure as drop downs by Yury Suturin Normal topic
Probably stupid questions but couldn't figure that out by myself: What is the best way to add LU list with units of...
2 9m
Multiple modules or single module? by Tony Chau Normal topic
To all Modano users, I have a broad and philosophical question for you all. What general principles do you apply when...
10 9m
Has MSFT ruined Excel tabs again? by James Wallace Normal topic
Hi all, I often regret allowing Excel to update. Is anyone else experiencing the attached hideous change to tabs today...
4 9m
Mapping Content by Jun Yan Normal topic
Hello all! I was meant to start doing more sharing, but I'm sure like everyone else, work takes over! Here's a...
14 9m
Insert Comment or Notes in Certain Cells for Non Modano User ... by Hanz Hargianto 1 Normal topic
Hi guys, All my clients cannot do "insert comment" in certain cells. Does anyone know how to insert a "comment" for...
2 10m
About undo changes & Remarks by Hengjia Chen Normal topic
Hi, I am very new to the Modano so please delete post if it wasn't meant to be here. Today I had a panic moment when...
1 10m
Calendar Year Changes by James Longden Normal topic
We had a support request through looking at putting a Calendar Year set of financial statements into a monthly model,...
1 10m
from monthly to weekly by Hengjia Chen Normal topic
Want to ask some help about converting monthly forecast to weekly forecast.  Model itself is monthly, want to allocate...
5 10m
Cost of Goods Variable Drivers Module Issues by Ryan Shoemaker Normal topic
Anyone having issues with the cost of goods sold (variable drivers) module? Anytime I add the module, there aren't any...
1 10m



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