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Angus Hardy X 0
Multiple Revenue Drivers

Dear All 

I'm building a financial forecast model for the first time having been through the training and I'm looking to build a revenue model which has approximately 10 drivers ultimately to the revenue which all interact in different ways. Having watched the customisation video, the proposed solution seems to be to have all assumptions in the assumption section of the spreadsheet and all logic pertaining to the final revenue figures in the Rev_Exp_Out revenue block. This would cause an extremely long an convoluted formula in the revenue output block which a third party would be unable to follow. What would be better is is the revenue model had all logic built into it (e.g. Average sales per client, expected commission, expected number of clients, expected growth in number of clients ect, ect) in order for a viewer to follow the logic before outputting to the Revenue Output. 

Are there any videos or examples of how to do this which go into more depth than the training module and which also show the necessary process with the cell blocks and cell block linking which are available to try and solve this problem? 

I would have uploaded my version here but the Upload File button seemed not to be functioning as it should. 

Many thanks 


Michael Hutchens A+ 188

Hi Angus,

You can use modules as categories to facilitate different drivers for different categories. I've attached an example of how this is done.

You can right-click on any of the revenue, COGS or operating expenditure categories (which are in fact separate modules being used as categories) and click Insert Categories (Modano tab, Categories group) to add more categories.

To change the driver of any specific category, select a cell within its row and use the Replace Module tool (Modano tab, Replace menu, From File). We haven't yet built all these modules, so they're not yet in the libraries in the system, but I'm provided 4 operating expenditure modules which you can replace operating expenditure categories with.

This is a very cool, but very sophisticated, way of using Modano. And I'm sorry but it's not yet documented in our user guide or videos, but we're planning on releasing a wide range of more advanced How To videos during early 2022 after we've recorded them over the Christmas period.

So the attached example shows how it's done, but is likely to make your brain explode trying to work out how it works.

If this is an urgent requirement I would recommend purchasing some support credits via the Support section of your Modano account and requesting support from our Services team. They will quite quickly be able to get you going in the right direction.

Hope this helps either way.

P.S. If you're unable to upload files still, please report this via the Support section of your Modano account so our engineers can look into it. Thanks.

Michael Hutchens
Managing Director | Modano

Jun Yan A+ 124

Hi Angus,

In addition to Mike's example using Modules as Categories, you can also try doing a Mapping approach. Here's a link to a post where I run through an example of a simple case using this methodology.

Mapping Content | Modano

Hope that helps a bit.


Angus Hardy X 0


Thanks very much for prompt responses - I will dive into the above! 


dolevcohen X 0

Hello Michael,

While trying to understand the 'change driver' mechanism, I ran into this correspondence from some time ago.

Did you eventually released an 'How To' video that explains how this works?

I'm trying to customize something like this in a model, but without replacing a module with a variable module, but rather customize my own model.  I tried a simple 'Change Driver' click, but I didn't get it to work like in the ready-made modules (meaning to create independent line to each category).

Also - as an extension of that: Is there a possibility to use Categories Layout Sections which do not mirror each other? (also with similar purpose to create independent calculation for each line of the categories)





Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58

Hi all,

I'd also be very keen to understand how to build custom made Change Driver modules if this is possible?



Mark A X 0

I'd also be very interested in understanding more on building custom variable driver modules (i.e. adding to the list of "available" drivers when selecting 'Change Driver')...