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Sam Chesson A 0
Importing Balance Sheet from Xero


When importing a Balance Sheet from Xero, I have specified the last import period end date to be say, 19 March. The mapping page also confirms the period ending date to be 19 March.When it imports, it is importing the balance sheet as at today ie 28 March. I am using a weekly time series.

Xero reports used to only be able to pick up the balance sheet dated end of month but new balance sheet report templates enable mid month dates to produce a balance sheet on any date retrospectively.

I am wondering if the API link needs to be updated to pick up the new balance sheet report template?


Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Sam,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we've long been waiting for Xero to facilitate day-specific balance sheet reporting for weekly modeling.

Our engineers have been testing the Xero API and, based on our current version of it, it does not appear to support day-specific data extraction at this time, even though you can now do it via the browser as you note.

We've reached out to the API team at Xero to get clarification and will keep you posted via this thread.


Sam Chesson A 0

Thanks Michael. Not to worry. Its easy to do a work around.