Alternative income statement layouts

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Blake Gavin Miller A 2
Alternative income statement layouts

Hi Modano team - Loving release 11 well done - tool is looking very slick 


One suggestion - having an income statement chart of accounts option which has Non-operating expenditure below the EBITDA line but before EBIT.  Alternatively perhaps a section before EBITDA called operating Profit then have a non-operating costs sub-section which contributes to EBITDA. 

It can be programmed into the tool but would be nice if this was an easy option. 


Specifically - Financial Asset movements such as swaps - don't belong in operating revenue - but by default i Have to map them in there. I get the outcome I want at NPAT but makes the EBITDA look odd. 

Jun Yan A+ 124

Hey Blake, this one is likely going to be something to customise yourself.

There's a lot of implications of changing chart of account structures, as it would mean all of the content needs to be updated to coincide with each adjustment. There are just so many possible representations of a set of financials, I'm not sure the efficiency of having every possible permutation.

I assume you're comfortable making this adjustment into a standard model?


jessegraham98 X 0

Any update?