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James Bailey X 2
Swap Modules


Hopefully a really basic question somebody can help me with quickly, but only started using Modano again after 8 months.

How do I swap out a Fixed Asset Module - basic straight line, for a more detailed module with declining balance also?

Can I do this easily, or have to unlink the old one, delete it, add in the new one and link it up again? I just thought there might be an easier way than that?




Jun Yan A+ 124

Hi James,

This is one of those processes that Modano makes super easy. From the Ribbon > Modano > Modules > Replace > From Web and follow the prompts.

If you get stuck, hop into the videos section and search "replacing" you'll find a video explaining the process. It's for version 8, but same idea.


James Bailey X 2

Thanks Jun, knew it had to be easy!