Spin Off Category Block error

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Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58
Spin Off Category Block error

When I try to spin off a category block I get the following error

I don't really understand what it means. Subtotals are not allowed in this particular category block, but I'm not sure what 'external category dependent' means. I'd be good to be able to spin it off because I have linked to this category block in other modules (it’s an opex category block in a regulatory revenue model so it goes quite a few places...)?

I've read the user guide on the topic but couldn’t find anything on this limitation.

Any help much appreciated

Michael Hutchens A+ 189

A category block can only be spun off (i.e. removed from its categories group and put into a new categories group) if it is not referenced by category or sub-total formulas within related category blocks in its parent categories group. Module links (i.e. from/to precedent/dependent modules) are not relevant to this limitation.

This limitation exists because, if it didn't, the spun off category block would be referenced by formulas within a different categories group, which will likely have a different number of categories when categories are added or removed from either of their parent categories groups. This would be a mess, because the category-to-category formula referencing would fall apart.

Hence, to spin off a category block, you need to make sure that all dependent category or sub-total formula references to its categories or sub-totals (if applicable) have been removed beforehand.

I hope this makes some sense, it's not simply stuff!