Single Entity - Historical than Forecast (HTF) Time Series

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Hanz Hargianto 1 A+ 5
Single Entity - Historical than Forecast (HTF) Time Series

Hi Modano,

  • Could I know the purpose of the two historical periods, space in column M, and started projection in column Q for the "Rev_Exp" sheet?
  • Why is it in the "Rev_Exp" sheet only?

Thank you,

Hanz Hargianto

Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Hanz,

The Historical Then Forecast time series construct is something we've started including in the Single Entity ModelBusiness Units Model, and Consolidation Model starter models from Version 11.

As per the explanation in the New Financial Model dialog, this construct displays your historical data alongside your forecast assumptions to help guide your forecasting, as shown below:

At this stage we've only included this approach in revenues and expenses modules, primarily because it gets a bit messy for more complex forecast areas which have multiple financial statement impacts, such as working capital, assets and capital.

You can change the number of historical periods displayed via Show Historical Periods drop down, as shown in cell G16 below:

This construct is a result of feedback from my model users that it's hard to know what forecast to enter without seeing recent historical data on the same sheet.

When used in conjunction with our new Variable Drivers functionalities - which derives the historical assumptions to further assist in forecasting - it's very powerful and user-friendly stuff.

I hope this helps.

Michael Hutchens
Managing Director | Modano


Hanz Hargianto 1 A+ 5

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the advise.

Best regards,


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