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Manjeet Sharma X 0
Simple Tax Calculation

I am trying to do a simple tax calculation and find the comprehensive tax module quite complex, is there a simpler way to add tax into my model?

James Longden A+ 103

Hi Manjeet,

Which tax module are you using?  I believe most of the official tax modules contain the correct presentation of tax (losses, DTA's / DTL's, etc.) so they are a little complex.

If you want something simpler then my suggestion is to insert the Comprehensive Corporate Tax Module into your module but turn the presentation to "Simple Expense" - see image below.  Technically, this will still have tax loss calculations but will ignore any deferred tax presentation and just present Tax Expense based on the cash Tax Paid.

Does this make sense?  If you're looking for more information on tax then have a look here:

Cheers.  J.

James Longden A+ 103

There is now a Corporate Taxation Training Course that discusses the above impact in more detail.