Should I install Windows 11? Will it affect Modano?

Windows 11
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Winthrop Morgan A+ 11
Should I install Windows 11? Will it affect Modano?

I keep getting the "Upgrade to Windows 11 is ready on your PC" message. Will it play well with Modano?

Michael Hutchens A+ 188

Hi Winthrop,

As of today (9th December 2021) Modano do not yet technically support Windows 11, as we haven't completed testing on it yet, but we do have an increasing number of users upgrading to Windows 11 and have not recently heard any reports of issues.

We know that 3 - 6 months ago a number of our users upgraded to Windows 11 and did experience volatility and performance issues, and at the time Microsoft indicated that there were know issues. But these appear to have been ironed out.

We are aiming to support Windows 11 by the end of January 2022, but you're welcome to try upgrading now if you like and if you experience issues contact our Support team and they'll assist you.

Best regards,

Michael Hutchens
Managing Director | Modano

Winthrop Morgan A+ 11

Dear Michael:

Thank you for your advice.   It is good to have you test with Windows 11.  Will you be adding functionality for stylus/ pen drawing?



Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58

Hi Winthrop

I've been using Modano on Win11 since it was released and have not experienced any issues whatsoever.


Michael Hutchens A+ 188

This is great to hear Tarjei.

Technically upgrading Windows should not impact Excel and Modano, but I know the first few releases of Windows 11 were volatile.

Fingers crossed it's stable now.


Cornell Tsiang 1 X 3

Good to hear. Might be time to take the plunge.

jessegraham98 X 0

I appreciate the info, I will keep it in my mind.