Roll up of enitre category block to another category

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Josh B A+ 6
Roll up of enitre category block to another category


I am attempting to roll up a category block total to a single category in another category block. The example I have placed is simple revenue amounts by client. What I have done works but I feel is not best use of Modano and doesn't let the validation do it's job properly as people can still type over the formula in the main category block. If I change it to assumption style output then I lose the ability to make the 3 categories look at independent lines.

Let me know if I am on the right track or I should use another method (maybe lookup, mirrored categories). I'm still trying to grasp the fullness of categories and how to manipulate them.



Michael Hutchens A+ 188

Hi Josh,

This is a very common challenge - i.e. finding the best way to map historical and forecast data when the historical data is in a different format than the forecast data.

In your case, you're wanting to break out each historical income statement revenue category into client categories. Because Modano doesn't support categories of categories within modules, I'd recommend doing this by using modules as categories - i.e. a (forecast) revenue module per historical income statement revenue category. You can then duplicate one of these revenue modules whenever you want to add another revenue category, and it will automatically flow back into the historical income statement and forward into dependent modules such as the income statement module.

I've edited your example to show how you might do this and attached the result. If you duplicate any of the revenue modules, you'll see that categories are added in the historical income statement and all periods income statement.

This certainly isn't the only way to do this, but it's one potential solution to what you're trying to do. M.

P.S. Your solution will work fine as a workaround but entering formulas into assumptions cells means that you can't reuse your modules and expect them to link properly. The challenge is always finding the solution which supports both scalability and re-useability.

Michael Hutchens A+ 188

Hi Josh,

Sorry for the delay on this, it's been a busy week. I've re-created the example using the current version of Modano, which you should now be able to open.

Let me know if you have any issues. M.

Josh B A+ 6

Thanks Michael.

I did manage to follow along in a normal excel environment. It really pushed me in the right direction. I think another solution to this would be to use a look up table which I will need to do some more reading up on.

Thanks for the help.

margaretherring05 X 0

Thank you, I tried as you said and it works for me

steve43834 X 0

Thank you for helping me out as well. I appreciate you.