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Justin Myers X 0
Reverse Chronological Order

The way the current modano time series works is left to right (i.e. 2011 - 2016). Is it possible to reverse this so that 2016 would be the left-most year and 2011 would be the right?

Michael Hutchens A+ 190

Hi Justin,

The time series modules in the Modano content libraries all assume left-to-right, but there's nothing to stop you either adding new period titles sets to these modules, customizing existing period titles sets, or building your own time series modules from scratch. This is more advanced stuff not covered by the core training exercises, but you can read about it in detail in the time series section of the Modano user guide.

Personally, I'd always keep the core model infrastructure left-to-right, as its important to facilitate the rolling and extending of time series sheets without needing to move around assumptions, etc. I'd then add a new custom period titles set for reversed time series sheets, and build whatever modules I'd like to see in reversed order using this time series period titles set.

I've attached an example I just created, which is based on the Modano basic annual forecast model example. In this example, I took the following steps:

Step 1. Add a new period titles set:

I named this 'Annual (Reversed)' and have it 'Ann_Rev' as its ID.

Step 2. Insert a new sheet based on this time series set:

I inserted this sheet to the right of the existing financial statements sheet (i.e. in position 2.b. in the table of contents).

Step 3. Create the reversed time series period titles set content:

I used copy/paste special from the annual period titles set, changing only the counter row formula (in cell J10) so that it counted backwards using an OFFSET, rather than forwards - e.g. right-to-left.

Step 4. Add a new module component (Build tab, Module Structure group, Components menu, Add Below) to this sheet:

I clicked the 'New Module' button in the Add Module Component dialog box, as I wanted to put the new component in its own module, which I called 'Income Statement (Reversed)'.

Step 5. Create the content within the new module component:

I copied and pasted the entire rows from the (non-reversed) income statement, without links, then entered formulas to link in the headings and data. I entered the first formula in cell J17 (see above), using an OFFSET to display the left-to-right data on the income statement in right-to-left format. I then used copy/paste special (then F4) to copy this down over the other cell blocks starting in column J.

This is just an example but I hope it gives you some insight into the flexibility of the system. 

I've attached the example so you can explore it yourself.


Justin Myers X 0

WOAH, Thanks Michael! I never would have about keeping the existing and renaming the period title ranges. I was trying to recreate the wheel here, ha. I agree with you, the way modano is currently structured is the best, but my firm prefers to show everything in reverse chronological order. 

Michael Hutchens A+ 190

Yeah at the end of the day it's all about personal preference, and one of the big misconceptions about Modano is that it forces specific approaches.

The modules available for download from the Modano website are designed to provide a starting point only, not force any one approach, so you can either customize them or build your own modules if you want to do things in a different way - like reverse chronological order time series analysis!

Something I always bear in mind when being asked to do things like this is whether or not the entire model needs to be done this way, or whether it can be quarantined to the presentation outputs section of the model. This means that you can leverage existing modules to build the 'engine' but present the outputs whatever way you want...

Michael Hutchens A+ 190

Yeah it's very common in financial statements Yury, which can easily be put in the presentation outputs section while maintaining left-to-right financial statements within the 'engine' of the model for scalability purposes.

I'd be very interested to see a right-to-left based financial model with absolutely everything going right-to-left. I don't think it would be very intuitive to use, and I'm also not sure how it would be rolled-forward over time for new time series periods...

I suppose what I'm saying is that I think including right-to-left financial statement presentation outputs is great, but not so much in other parts of my models!