Recall Modano default page page/window settings

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Sajid Mafahir X 1
Recall Modano default page page/window settings

Hello All,

While presenting the Modano Excel i had clicked another window instance of the same Modano file.

While in general the new excel window of the same excel file do not reflect the window settings such as "freezed panes, gridlines" which i assumed would not be a problem in the already defined Modano template. I eventually lost the default Modano formats/and page settings after closing the file and reopening it.

I now have to redo all the freeze paning and disable gridlines in all the sheets one by one.

is there  a simpler way to recall the sheet default settings?

This is not a modelling issue but an excel issue which maybe there is a workaround using multiple windows.



Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Sajid,

As I think you've noted, this issue is not caused by Modano, but is an Excel nuance that has annoyed us for years.

I'm sure there's logic behind Microsoft's handling of multiple windows for the same workbook, but as far as we can tell the secondary window/s is/are are created with gridlines turned on and all panes/splits removed. So the golden rule is to always close all secondary windows before saving the workbook, and don't close the original workbook window (i.e. the one with the panes and splits) with secondary windows open. Otherwise you'll lose all these window settings - as you note.

I'll speak with our team and see if we can detect the secondary window creation process, in which case we could theoretically align the gridlines, panes and splits in the secondary windows automatically at this time, and thereby prevent this issue going forward. My concern is that there may be other less obvious window properties being lost when secondary windows are created, and this workaround will make it seem like the secondary windows are identical to the primary workbook window.

Either way we'll keep investigating and update this thread if we address it in an upcoming upgrade.



Sajid Mafahir X 1

Hello Micheal,

Thank you for your feedback.

While I have already lost the window properties what I could simply do is to create a new Modano but clone the template from the old file (i.e copy the categories, sections, modules created along with the mapping csv) so it helps me with a template for the company and import from xero again and copy paste the forecasts.

Again, I have this requirement for the freeform sheet because in the annual financial statements; the expense/module categories are missing and all expenses after COGS are collated together. I had to create new rows and subtotals to have a more presentable Annual Financials. attached screenshots for reference.

Looking forward.

Thank You