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Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58
Non Modano user inputs


Is there anything that a non-modano user can break by populating input cells in a Modano workbook? Ie, once the user has entered inputs and saved the file in normal excel will the file ALWAYS open up on Modano if the software is installed? 

Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Tarjei,

Modano protects the workbook structure and worksheets that contain module components when saving a modular workbook, so technically non-Modano users should not be able to then open the file without Modano installed and corrupt modular content.

The only exceptions I can think of to this are freeform formulas within module components that reference content within freeform sheets, which could be invalidated if rows or columns are deleting from these sheets.

In any case, non-Modano users certainly shouldn't be able to do anything to stop a modular workbook from being re-opened by a Modano user afterwards. If this is possible I'd like to know how they've done it, because it would have to be something quite strange...