New Time Series set Restrictions

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Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58
New Time Series set Restrictions

Does anyone know what the actual restrictions on modifying time series are in Modano?

I'm building a model using annual time series modules from the library but I need monthly inputs and I always assumes that I couldn't touch the time series in any way otherwise I would not be able to add additional library modules later on.

This morning I tried to add a new time series set (monthly) and added a monthly input cell and I assumed this would kill the 'template time series' but to my surprise I still seem to be able to insert any annual module from the library.

Is it just that I can't change the annual  time series but new sets does not interfere with the ability to insert libary modules or is there anything else I need to worry about?

Model Citizn A+ 11

Hi Tarjei,

You can touch the time series but you have to be careful as it then won't be compatible with the rest of the content library.

If you look at the Gantt chart model I uploaded recently this was built based on my own customised daily time series. Naturally it wouldnt work anyway with the rest of the library given the different periodicities, but nontheless even if you change a lookup appendix (doesnt have to be the time series itself) within the timeseries module it will flag an incompatible time series.

I discovered this when I first started to customise my own time series and whilst it was useful in the beginning, it meant that I was a little isolated from the content library.

Hence, I would recommend trying to stay within the current time series.

You can always build counters, flags and other specific formulas to enhance any timeseries without actually amending the underlying timie series if that makes sense.

Good luck.




Michael Hutchens A+ 189

That's correct Lance.

The time series infrastructure is very sophisticated, and the system works very hard to prevent incompatibility issues. Here's some general comments about this stuff:

  1. As long as you don't edit non-assumptions content within the time series module assumptions and lookups components - i.e. within the existing rows of these components - the time series module will remain compatible with all modules built based on it.
  2. You can add as many period titles sets to a time series module as you like without affecting it's compatibility with other modules based on it.
  3. You can edit existing time series period titles sets any way you like without affecting the time series module's compatibility with other modules.
  4. You can add content below the existing content within time series assumptions and lookups module components without affecting the compatibility of modules based on it.

So, as an example, if you added some more headings and assumptions to the bottom of the time series assumptions component in the Time Series (Annual) module, then edited the Annual period titles set to allow for monthly analysis, you would still be able to insert annual modules into this modular workbook. When you inserted these annual modules, it will add a new annual period titles set - with the same formulas as those originally in the annual period titles set before your edited - and insert module components into time series sheets based on this new set. Your edited time series period titles set will remain independent of this, and you'll have created multiple period titles sets.

It took years to get this working in this way, because we knew it would be a major issue if it wasn't somewhat accommodating of customization.

I hope this makes sense.

Tarjei Kirkesaether A+ 58

Thanks guys!