Moving Folders with Linked Workbooks

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Hung Lao X 0
Moving Folders with Linked Workbooks

Hi Modano,

I tried copying some folders with linked files in them from my company shared drive to my C drive. I found that the files that reference each other that are in the same folder are fine but the ones referencing each other in different folders are still referring to the files on the company shared drive. Why is that so?



Michael Lees A+ 2

Hi Hung,

This is a good question. It's actually nothing to do with Modano but an Excel problem. Your observation is spot on that when 2 workbooks are linked and are stored in the same folder, moving this folder has no impact on their link integrity. But 2 workbooks linked that are stored in seperate folders will likely have link integrity issues if folders are moved or copied. There are 2 ways around this:

  1. Edit links - this can now be done in Modano for linked workbooks as it can in any Excel workbook.
  2. If for example the folders you store your linked files in have a folder path on your company shared drive of z:\Clients\Google\Models you can create the same folder structure in your C drive C:\Clients\Google\Models and paste them here the link integrity will be maintained and you can use your linked workbooks on your C drive.

Hope this helps.