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Shaneel Kumar X 0
Learning Videos

Hi Guys

I cant seem to find the learning tutorial videos anymore, has it been taken down




Michael Hutchens A+ 188

Hi Shaneel,

The learning system has been upgraded to be based on Modano X, but we have not yet recorded the Modano X learning videos, so we've removed the videos from the learning as they were based on Modano 8, which looks very different from an Excel perspective and would have caused confusion because range references, etc., have changed with the Modano X upgrade.

You can still view the Modano 8 learning videos on the following page until we've released the Modano X videos: www.modano.com/videos

We're working hard to release a full range of new learning videos for Modano X, and a bunch of other financial modeling examples, but they take time to do well so we may not have them online for a month or two.


Shaneel Kumar X 0

Thanks Michael

jessegraham98 X 0

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