Learning material questions

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Yury Suturin A+ 6
Learning material questions

Since I am going through the training modules - thought it may be useful to discuss some items which look to me like typos but may be my misunderstanding. There are not that many but I saw a couple of typos and didn't want to bring it up, but have seen another one so thought it may be useful for somebody else.

Sales tax modelling - PDF document, page 5, 1st chapter, last paragraph

This exercise will demonstrate how sales taxes are included in a financial model, using goods and services tax (GST) as an example. GST is based on assessable profit, which distinguishes it from sales taxes such as those levied in the United States, which are based on assessable profit, but from a financial modeling perspective the majority of concepts are identical

Should it be assessable 'revenue' for US, not profit? In the table above 'revenue' is indicated as basis.