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Manuel Hernandez X 0
Language settings

Hi all,

Do you know how to change Language settings in Excel so that it applies =TEXT() in English?

I'm using a German version of Excel 2013 and I'm facing issues when showing the dashboard. The Dashboard has issues which seem related to the Text formula applying =TEXT(J75;"yyyy") in English.

I've tried changing my excel settings to English but still doesn't change how Text formula is applied.

File -> Options -> Language



Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Manuel,

Modano does not currently support non-English regional and language settings in Windows or Office. You might be able to get it working, but we can't guarantee you that you won't have issues.

Many people don't realise that regional and language settings fundamentally change the way many functions work, but within formulas as you've noted here, and within the Modano code base. So supporting multiple languages is a lot more complicated than simply changing the UI.

It appears from your example functions in German use semi-colons to segregate arguments, and the format_text argument in the TEXT function doesn't handle the "yyyy" format, which is quite surprising.

This is really a question about how to adapt the TEXT function when using the German version of Excel, which I'm afraid I can't help you with sorry.