Forecasting assumptions is yearly but need monthly for modelling

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Cornell Tsiang 1 X 3
Forecasting assumptions is yearly but need monthly for modelling


I am using the single entity model (COA4) with budgeting and scenario. Historical data is very limited, only 2 months. I've had to alter the amount of available historical data a few times.  I noted that when entering the assumption data, that the default is Y-o-Y growth. And indeed, the model only forecasts for the 2 months of historical data provided.

Is there a way to alter this so that I can have monthly forecasts.



Jun Yan A+ 124

Hi Cornell,

The YoY growth is the standard driver that goes into the model.

If you're using the variable drivers content, you should be able to right click the row and select a new driver option.

For example, given there's only 2 months of historical, you may want to address it by selecting the Growth Rates driver, which will allow you to input Month on Month growth.

Alternatively, you can pop in amounts / units x prices, which might be more relevant if they're in early stages of sales.

Hope that helps.


Cornell Tsiang 1 X 3

Thanks Jun!

It works!  I wasnt so familiar with the new edition of Modano.

dennisjohn2023 X 1

Thank you for helping me out as well, you made my day :)