Custom UI Runtime Error in Modano

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Michael Hutchens A+ 188
Custom UI Runtime Error in Modano

Hi Guys,

Some of our users have reported seeing a Custom UI Runtime Error in Modano dialog when opening Excel, such as the following:

If you're seeing this dialog, it is because Microsoft is now regularly changing the ribbon as they add and deprecate features, and when they do this there will be periods of time during which Modano does not detect these changes.

The best first step is always to update your Modano installation to the latest version as per

If you're unable to upgrade for some reason, or upgrade and continue to see this dialog, you can change your Excel options to hide it as follows:

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Go to the File menu, then click the Options button.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab.
  4. In the General section of the details pane, untick the Show add-in user interface errors check box, and then click OK.

I’ve shown this option below:

As always, please contact support if you need anything from our team.


Michael Hutchens
Managing Director | Modano