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Combine time series

Hi - I am struggling to combine two different types of assumptions - annual based and monthly based. I have different sheets for each however is there a feature such that the monthly revenue output is then summarized annually? 

Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Anthony,

This is not about features in the software, but about how you allow for multiple periodicities in your model, and there are many ways to do this.

For a model containing monthly and annual data, I would recommend using either the Monthly or Monthly, Historical & Forecast time series modules, then inserting an Annual Income Statement module and taking a look at how the formulas within it allocated monthly data from the monthly income statement to annual periods. This module uses an OFFSET function-based approach, which is really effective.

The modules in the Modano libraries are generally based on one periodicity, with higher-periodicity financial statements being used to provide higher-periodicity outputs, but we regularly help clients build models that collect assumptions in both monthly and annual periodicities, often within the same sheet.

You could try uploading your model, or at least part of it, to this thread so we can take a look. Or you could purchase a support credit (via the Support section of your Modano account: and have one of the Modano experts assist you.