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Sergej Pankratz A+ 2
Change Tab Colour

Hi everyone,

After I developed a modular spreadsheet with the Financial Model Wizard, I changed the colours of the Output tabs via Modano --> Options --> Colours --> Tab colour.

However it seems I can only change the tab colour for all output tabs at once, I cannot change the tab colour of the individual output tabs. I also tried to rightclick the tab and choose "Tab colour", but nothing happens.

Does someone know how to change a colour of individual tabs?


Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Sergej,

The Modano Options are used to pre-set tab colors - i.e. control how tabs appear for different sheet types immediately after insertion - but should not affect your ability to manually change the color of tabs by right-clicking the mouse on their tabs. You can also do this for the active sheet via the Home tab, Cells group, Format menu, Tab Color.

I've just downloaded your workbook and it worked fine on my machine - see below. If you're not seeing this behaviour can you please run the Diagnostics tool (Modano tab, System group, Help menu, Run Diagnostics tool) and we'll see if we can repro based on your setup. Thanks, M.

Sergej Pankratz A+ 2

Thanks, Michael. Worked out fine!