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Jose Santos X 0
Categories within Categories


I wanted to see if there was a way or a workaround to have categories within category sections. What I'm trying to do is have different products which I can add or remove later, and each of the products can have several ingredients to define its cost, and those ingredients I would like to be able to add or remove them or analyse them as categories. All products would have the same set of ingredients but different amounts for them.


Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Jose,

It is not currently possible to include categories within categories (although it's something we're considering adding at some stage in the future), but a common workaround is to use a module as a category in such cases.

In your case, you would create a 'Product' module, which contains an 'Ingredients' category block. You would then either duplicate or mirror this module each time you wanted to add a new product. If you wanted the ingredients to be aligned across all product modules, you would also need to create an 'Ingredients' module, containing an 'Ingredients' category block, which links into each of the product modules.

I've attached a simple example of this. After you've duplicated or mirrored a product module, I usually use the Rename Module tool to give each of the mirrored modules different names for clarity.