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Cesar 1 X 0

Hey everybody!

I'm just getting familiar with this amazing software! I've watched most of the videos, but still not enough to help me with a basic thing.

I have one module - Operating Expenditure

Within that module I would like two Categories - Operations & Staff.

I know that is possible to add more categories --> right click --> add categories.... But I need a "total" segregation into a new category, not an extra line... or I imagine it would be a second category group, within that Operating Expense Module....

I'm able to add a new category group, but it doest not flow to the outputs tab... How can I make it flow to the output tab??



Michael Hutchens A+ 189

Hi Cesar,

I'm a little confused by your question, but if you're trying to add or remove a total row from a category block you can simply use the Add or Remove Total tool (Build tab, Category Blocks group, Add or Remove Total). You can also read about category block totals here:

To understand categories in detail, I'd recommend reading this page:

Categories, like module links, are one of the most powerful things in Modano but also one of the things unlike anything existing in Excel. So you really need to do the online practical training & assessment to understand how it all works:

Simply watching the movies isn't enough. You need to do the practical learning exercises (i.e. actually build your own modules along with the exercise documentation/movies) and then undertake the theoretical assessment exercises for each of them. Until you do this, you will risk wasting a lot of time trying to figure things out by fiddling around.

The creation and management of categories groups and category blocks is discussed and demonstrated in both the Customizing Modules and Creating Modules learning & assessment exercises, so I would recommend at a minimum doing the Excel Fundamentals and Modano sections of the Modano learning system if you want to get your head around these concepts.

Model Citizn A+ 11

Hi Cesar,

I totally agree with Michael.

Unfortunately this isnt the matrix where you plug in your brain and suddenly are able to build Modules and customise to your hearts content. I wish everthing in life were that easy!

However, the training is really useful and having completed it recently,even as an experienced user, I learnt a few things that I hadn't realised were possible with Modano. I totally agree it is amazing software, but also requires some time to get up the learning curve to truly customise it in anyway you wish. It is a platform and having build a number of customised modules its only through doing that you learn.

Good luck, all the best.