Automatically linking and style change when insert linked module

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Alise Reynell X 1
Automatically linking and style change when insert linked module

When I insert a tax module without an income statement module, the NPBT row in the assumptions sheet is styled as an assumption. Then when I insert an income statement module it changes to an output style and links in the NPBT line from the income statement. How do I apply this same functionality to a custom module that I am building? I can’t find this covered in the training materials

Can anyone help?

James Longden A+ 103

Great question Alise.  The simple answer is that the software will actually do this automatically for you!

Many of the more substantial Modano modules are designed to work on a standalone basis.  So, in the case of the Corporate Taxation and Valuation modules, when they are opened on their own (as you've found), the user can simply enter the figures into the assumption cells and see the calculations flow through naturally.  

However, these assumption cells also contain the links-in (, so when they are inserted into a modular workbook, and can find the associated link-out, the assumptions will be replace with the link-in formula...

...and the software then formats this as an output.

I'll get the guys to put something on this in the official help.

Cheers.  James.